Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

Vanessa-Mae plays a rare version of Toccata & Fugue with her acoustic violin, accompanied by the Bratislava Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Vanessa-Mae,a young violinist, now twenty-four, took the world by storm when she was just sixteen with the release of her first 'pop' album: *The Violin Player*. Touted as a "Child Prodigy" many in the Classical community were excited with this new exciting star who had already released 3 Classical CD's when she was 12 & 13, had toured with orchestras and participated in many TV appearances with professional aplomb. It was early 1995 when Vanessa strongly came onto the music scene with her hugely successful Pop CD, "Then Violin Player". The Classical elitist were appalled that their prodigy had released a "Pop" CD packaged as Classical. But the world soon fell in Love with Vanessa and her brand of Music, a blend of Classical, Pop and Jazz. Vanessa mesmerized audiences with her compositions and charismatic personality. Vanessa also dressed to kill causing an additional uproar from a few stodgy Classical elitists, But it is her mastery of the violin, which left listeners in awe.

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