“I think we should see if there's away in," Antonio said, walking over to stand beside Tyler, who shuddered at the thought of entering the dark manor.
"Are you out of your mind? We can't go in there. That's criminal trespassing!"
Kathy reprimanded. "Besides, I heard there was a murder in there a long time ago."
"That's just a rumor," Leonard replied.
"Maybe there're a few ghosts having a party in there besides Mrs. Harrington,"Antonio added, just to annoy Kathy. “No disrespect intended, Tyler.”
“Well,as a matter of fact,” Tyler began, “now that you mention it...”
“Oh great!” Kathy said. “Now you're going to tell us you've seen ghosts, too?”
“I did," Tyler said, getting up enough nerve to tell the rest of his story. "I saw a man sitting at a grand piano playing mom's piece. And I could see through him. But there were others, too, dressed from a long time ago, really old-fashioned.”
“I’m out of here!!” Kathy screamed, making a beeline for the driveway.
Leonard went after her and ushered her back to the others.
She liked his arm around her shoulders.
“Stop worrying,Kathy," he said. "Besides there won't be a way to get in. And even if there is, let’s check it out. I want to prove to everyone once and for all there’s no such thing as ghosts."
The gathering clouds hovered thicker and blacker above the deserted street. The friends followed Tyler and Antonio around the corner up onto the back porch. "No one will ever know we're doing this except us," Tyler said. He shivered, thinking of the hundreds of old stories about this mansion--the kinds of stories grandmothers told from their front porches on dark summer nights when there was nothing else to do. But of course, he didn’t let on to the others about his fears.
Antonio tried to open the back door, but it was locked.
“Okay, see?” Kathy said. “Time to go home.”
Then a strong gust of wind blew and they all heard it clearly. Though just a tiny click, it seemed like an explosion. Antonio tried the ornate door knob once again and this time found the door was unlocked.
“Hey, it opened—just for us. Let’s go in,” Tyler said, making a move.
"Are you crazy?" Kathy said. "Some derelict could be camping out in there waiting to kill us! Let's get out of here!"

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