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I would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful story, and Rosemary Brumby for sending Dr. Fuddle to me. As an avid reader, this book was able to evoke a sound and song. That is a rare opportunity to hear music through a book. I once tried to learn the violin, and the memories of learning music came rushing back. They are great memories, and I thank you. My review of Dr. Fuddle and the Gold Baton follows:

This book was well-needed for the hearts of readers who are searching for their harmony. Music in our culture has shifted, and Dr. Fuddle shines the beauty that draws us all to music. The tune resonates with you, even after the final page is complete. The group of characters, that everyone can relate to, demonstrate how daring and intelligent we can all be. Thank you to Dr. Fuddle for opening up the door and sharing this world with everyone.

I would recommend this book for all ages, especially to those with a yearning to find a good story. A musical tale is difficult to produce without an instrument in hand, and this story brings music to the ears.

Thank you for allowing me to review the book and share my wonderful experience with everyone else.

I highly recommend Dr.Fuddle to any and all that are ready for the adventure that awaits them.

Feel free to contact me through this e-mail address or phone number with any further questions or comments about the review. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to share this with you. It was an incredible story, and I very much enjoyed it.

Katja Izzard

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