Dr. Woodruff Signing Dr. Fuddle's film development Contract

A BIG DAY FOR DR. FUDDLE! Today, signing the most important film development contract and the establishment of Dr. Fuddle Film Production Company. 

Ironically, this is the week of one of the rarest full moons. It's not only a blue moon, but the Full Sturgeon Moon, the Full Red Moon, the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon. I've told everyone all along that Dr. Fuddle even has the blessing of the Sun, Moon and Stars!

Also interesting to note is the fact that today's date adds up to 36 (8+22+2+1+3) and 3+6 = 9, all numbers involving the perfect number of three. I always look out for those--not that I'm into numerology, LOL! 

So to all of you Dr. Fuddle Fans out there: feel JOY today! For Dr. Fuddle will bring great harmony and joy to the world...a legacy and tribute to the power of great music forever.

Please feel free to comment on and express your enthusiastic support for Dr. Fuddle. 

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