Epic saga of children saving the musical land of Orphea from destruction by evil musician.

Be one of the first to experience an exciting new world beyond your wildest imagination! Dr. Fuddle & the Gold Baton has been hailed by critics as “destined to be a classic” and “a literary masterpiece.”  Join Dr. Fuddle and his young friends in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure springing from a seemingly unsolvable mystery in a small New England town to Orphea, the land of eternal music and beauty, threatened by an insidious evil force. Tyler and his sister Christina plunge into this perilous journey. Will they and their friends even survive, let alone be able to heroically save Orphea, as foretold by an ancient prophecy? Armed with only their instincts, determination and the guidance of a centuries old music teacher who appears out of thin air?  Danger lurks at every turn—and for their only chance of victory they must master magical sacred instruments—and themselves—to reclaim the legendary Gold Baton from the dark. Can harmony vanquish chaos? This page-turning fantasy (with its major motion picture in development) is bound to leave you wanting more!

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